Webdesigner.co.uk was first registered as a domain name by Patrick Laslett in 1996 as it seemed then that there would be a call for a central resource of web professionals -- a list of contact names and details that would be available to anyone who may need them -- not least of course by Patrick Laslett himself.

From a design point of view the site has always been designed and managed by Patrick Laslett and represents the kind of work that he does -- simple, straightforward web design that is stable and search engine friendly.

This current version uses one CSS style sheet to separate the style from content throughout the site -- http://www.webdesigner.co.uk/layout10.css -- and .php includes for the menu items. A change to the style sheet will take effect across all the pages in the site as will a change to any one of the navigation or advertising pages.

So far no third party organization has expressed a wish to advertise in www.webdesigner.co.uk, although we would be pleased to make advertising slots available to those who want them.

As our lists grow longer a few people have been pleased to pay to be nearer the top of the page -- indeed, some for several years in succession.